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Musical Gold and Pink Lotus Flower Happy Birthday Candle

The original amazing gold and pink lotus flower musical birthday candle will definitely "wow" the crowd. the candle first appears as a closed flower bud. Once lit, the center flame lights the 8 smaller birthday candles attached inside to each flower petal.
then the lotus flower opens up and spins to the tune of "happy birthday" on a wide plastic foot which sits easily on top of a cake or table.

8 inner individual petals with candles. Inner flower color is pink.

4-1/4" tall x 3" diameter
Weight: 3 oz 

Other available colors: rainbow, white, shiny gold soccer trophy, shiny gold tennis trophy

Ignite the center flame (not the candle wicks) with the lighting stick only (included)
Not re-usable, one time use only. 

By EXCITING CANDLE. Reviewed and approved by CPSC and made from new materials approved for food contact by the FDA.

- Not available to ship to Massachusetts (because of MA State Regulations) -