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Gold Soccer Trophy Musical Happy Birthday Candle

This soccer musical birthday candle will amaze everyone at the party, both young and old alike. The musical candle starts off looking like a gold trophy. When the center of the candle is ignited the show begins. Initially there is a single large flame which lights all 8 of the smaller candles on each flower petal. Then the musical soccer candle pops open and begins to spin slowly while playing the Happy Birthday tune. Eventually the candle will slow down and stop spinning. It has a large base to keep the candle sturdy on top of the cake, pie, or table. 

4-1/4" tall x 3" diameter (7" diameter open)
Weight: 3 oz 

Available colors: rainbow, white, shiny gold with pink lotus, shiny gold soccer trophy, shiny gold tennis trophy

Ignite the center flame (not the candle wicks) with the lighting stick only (included)
Not re-usable, one time use only. 

By EXCITING CANDLE. Reviewed and approved by CPSC and made from new materials approved for food contact by the FDA.

- Not available to ship to Massachusetts (because of MA State Regulations) -