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Circle Green Cushion Machine Washable 19''

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These versatile circle pillows in natural color with green pompons go with everything (and they remind us of tambourines)! 

Composition: 100% Cotton
Diameter: 19''

It can be easily washed at home in a conventional washing machine.
Handmade, created with care and produced individually by artisans.
Eco-friendly: Non-toxic dyes, 100% natural cotton.
Light: due to its flexible and soft structure.
Easy to match: get a cozy room by matching it with other accessories.
Both for babies and grown ups! 

This is a handmade product. Each is unique and different. Due to that, there may be minor variations in shape and color.
A product that meets all the safety and quality standards for kids.
The product has the following certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and AITEX.
Extensive controls applied to check for needles and other metals.
Made in India.