fire and creme kids

Fire and Creme is a full service event planning company, based in Venice, CA. We work for individuals and businesses.

This is what we do but it does not describe who we are.

We are Fire and Creme

Fire (fir) n. 1 a strong feelings, excitement, ardor 2 vivid imagination 3 to make bright or illuminate, as if by fire 4 (a) to animate or inspire (b) to excite, stimulate.

Creme (krem) n. 1 the milk which rises to the top 2 the best or finest part, la creme de la creme.

We create “get togethers” big or small, simple or extravagant but always surprising and unique. We work for you and with you to bring about what you really desire.

We use simple and inventive ideas to design an enjoyable and warm atmosphere. Often less is more whether you are on a tight budget or limitless.

We believe in gently breaking the rules and thoughtful details to shape playful gatherings. This is when relationships are anchored, dreams are shared and honest conversations take place.